A quick guide to writing good code

Are you writing a high quality code? Most of the developers would probably say yes. The really honest one would say that it might not be perfect but it’s OK. Both answers are fair. Most of us are very serious about the job we do and we always try to give our best (at least most of the time). The big question here is that if we’re all genuinely convinced about a reasonable quality of our code why there is so much technical debt wherever we look?
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Continuous Integration for PHP with Jenkins

Today I would like to show you how to setup an continues integration server for a PHP project with Jenkins. If you don’t know what the continues integration is have a look at Wikipedia. In a simple words It can be explained as a process of frequent commits to the project’s mainline and running all sort of automated tests to discover problems as soon as it’s possible. CI comes with a long list of benefits and only two disadvantages (according to Wikipedia). One of them is “Initial setup time required”.
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Sucesfull planning in software development

All successful people have a plan. They plan literally everything from work related stuff to details of their personal live. One of my friends used to plan how much he’s going to earn the next day. He used to make up a number and write a short sentence in his notebook like “Tomorrow I’m going to earn £5,000” (It was actually 25,000zl because he lives in Poland). In some mysterious way he was able to earn that money which was astonishing even himself. Obviously if you don’t own a business your salary won’t spontaneously change over a night but a good plan will help you to manage your boss, the development and ultimately will contribute to your success.
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10 things to consider when looking for a new IT opportunity

We all know the thrill of looking for a new job. Browsing exciting opportunities on job portals. Breath taking job descriptions and salaries. You apply for some of them and suddenly the whole world is interested in you. Your mobile phone goes red. All agencies in a 60 mile radius want to know your future plans and reason why you decided to make a move. Finally you start getting interviews. First one on the phone, second face to face and the final one with a senior member of staff. All the excitement and effort you put in the process makes you vulnerable to emotional and unwise decisions.
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