Performance benchmark of popular PHP frameworks

There are many assumptions around performance of different PHP frameworks. I frequently hear strong opinions about superiority X over Y in this context. There are companies writing new PHP frameworks from scratch because available solutions are too slow for them. What does it really mean? Does the framework performance matters? Before answering this questions lets check how slow is your framework!
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Benchmarking Amazon EC2 instance for a Web Server

For the last few days I’ve been testing Amazon web services (AWS). I’m looking for a reliable and scalable hosting provider to host Gloople e-commerce platform. Feature wise AWS is amazing. It offers literally everything an enterprise application might need. In fact, they offer so many services (and various configurations of those services) it might be confusing. I was trying to figure out which setup will be the most cost effective for our usage. It’s quite hard to tell is 4x M1 Small Instance better then 1x M1 Large instance just by reading specification (both setups cost the same). “Better” is of course subjective term and depends on a software although web applications have similar needs.
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