Load testing with BlazeMeter

Some time ago I wrote a post about using jMeter to benchmark performance of a web application. Apache jMeter is a great piece of software and I strongly recommend it but it’s not everything. You also need a high capacity bandwidth and a reliable hosts to run a test from. You often need more than a one testing server because it’s impossible to generate real concurrent connections from a single computer. The reason for that is a network interface can physically send only one packet at the time. People from BlazeMeter recognised this problem and created a web based service which makes the load testing very simple.
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How to improve PHP programming skills

“How do I improve my PHP skills?” is a recurring question on various boards and chats. It’s often asked by newbies but even experienced developers ask themselves the same thing. After all trying to be better is in the human nature. This is a deep question and when you think about it there isn’t a straight forward reply. Nevertheless I will try to give a comprehensive answer which hopefully is going to be useful not only to the beginners but also to the people with some commercial experience.
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Reading PHP session from Varnish Cache

In my previous post I showed how to integrate Varnish Cache with a PHP application. The example can solve various simple problems but it might not be enough for a complex software. A good example is a multilingual application. One URL can have multiple caches. You might also need to know more about a user (is he logged in? has he received a notification? etc) to make some additional caching decisions.
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Is Phalcon the promised land for PHP?

Have you heard yet about the full stack PHP framework called Phalcon? It’s written in C, it’s super fast, well documented and it brings lots of freshness into the PHP world. It has been around for awhile now but for some reason it’s been under my radar until now. Why is it so special? If you allow me I will here attempt to prove that this framework has a potential to change the game.
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